There are more than twenty different types of flags on our beaches.

Below we show you the 9 most common beach flags. That helps you to enjoy a quiet and safe bath.

Flags on Spanish beaches | Angels Of The Sea
Flags on Spanish beaches | Angels Of The Sea
  • Green Flag: When the sea is calm, this flag is displayed on the mast to indicate that the bathroom is safe.
  • Yellow flag: This flag indicates that the sea is somewhat shaken and that one should bathe with caution being recommended that the water does not exceed the waist area.
  • Red flag: When this flag is hoisted on the mast, it informs bathers that bathing is forbidden since the waters are dangerous and may pose a risk.
  • Black Flag: This flag has the purpose of informing that in these waters they are affected by environmental damages and for that reason they are closed to the bathroom because they are harmful to health. This flag was created by the Ecologists in Action organization.
  • Blue Flag: Created by the European Foundation for Environmental Education, when an iza beach exhibits this flag it means that it has the quality certification as it meets the requirements of legality, safety, cleanliness, health and accessibility.
  • Jellyfish flag: When the sea is invaded by jellyfish, this flag is shown on the beaches. This flag informs of the existence of jellyfish, but in case that more than twenty bites are generated in an hour, the bath will be prohibited by means of the red flag.
  • White and blue flag: This flag is very common in diving areas, and when this flag is hoisted it informs that a submersion is being carried out.
  • Black and white flag: This flag indicates to bathers that this area is suitable for surfing and that swimming is prohibited.
  • Yellow flag with black circle: Indicates that the use of boats and surfboards in these waters is prohibited.

In addition to the flags we recommend some basic safety measures at the beach:

Of course, going to the beach is not exactly a risky activity but quite the opposite. It is a moment to disconnect and fully enjoy your free time in a pleasant and relaxing environment. However, you should not overlook some basic security measures. They will make your days by the sea more pleasant:

  • 1. Pay attention to the flags: they are not merely informative recommendations but a measure of protection that must always be taken into account.
  • 2. Locate the security posts: in case of any small incident that may occur, from a cut to a jellyfish sting, the help of a professional is always convenient. It is important never to disobey a lifeguard.
  • 3. Stay hydrated: when you sweat the body loses a lot of fluid and minerals. Therefore, refreshing yourself with a bath is not enough. You also have to hydrate yourself with non-sugared drinks (water and natural juices).
  • 4. Protect yourself from the sun: we are increasingly aware of the negative consequences of an excess of UVA rays, but there are still those who think that using sunscreens will delay tanning. Error! Always use cream when you expose yourself to the sun: your tan will be the same and you will avoid burns.
  • 5. Bring refreshing and healthy food: A dilemma is usually what to take to the beach to eat. It is important not to take copious meals or to hinder digestion (like melon).
  • 6. Children always under supervision: Keeping children at the beach under control is a priority. Especially in the places of greatest affluence. Special attention must be paid to the smallest of the house. Accompany them when going to take a bath and protect them with sunscreen, hat and glasses (if necessary) while they are in the sand.
  • 7 Alert with thieves and scams: Thieves do not go on vacation, so you should not let your guard down. It is important to know what to take to the beach. But more important is to have these belongings grouped in a single place and always in sight. If you decide to play on the shore with your children or take a dip, keep an eye always on them. It is also advisable to keep a reasonable distance from the rest of the people on the beach. A useful measure is to leave the same distance as the width of a mat between each occupant.


In the end it is about having a good time, enjoying the sun, the water and the company. If you follow a minimum standard of safety and common sense you will enjoy much more and avoid turning a moment of fun into a bad drink. Enjoy the summer, but with a head. 😉

The team of Angels Of The Sea.

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